Happy Holidays!


     I want to wish everyone the happiest of holidays!  Enjoy this wonderful time with friends and family...and maybe even a bit of gaming.  We'll break-out Elder Sign for a few games tonight and again tomorrow.  Again, thank you all for a great year!


Merry Christmas,

The Crafthulhu Team

Special Thanks!

I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge several other people who have made this dream a reality... 

For the website, I want to thank the Princess of Darkness for her assistance in sizing and coloring much of the website...as a former graphic-artist, she has an uncanny eye and an ability to see things in ways which mere mortals like myself miss.  She's a great lady and I thank her for her time. 

Also on website-watch, Sparrowhawk came to my rescue in smoothing out the harsh edges and recommended a number of ideas to use on the pages' sides, providing some contrast to the color scheme.  In the end, I decided on the scrolling 'dragons' from some medieval European church...I think the result speaks for itself.

On the painting front, Philadelphia native and expert "smalls" painter Aubrey Smith joins the team as we make our final push to paint more than 100 pieces for our Arch-Patriarch Backers from the Kickstarter Project.  Assisting her with the logistics associated with this part of the project is her fiance, Fred Paul, an all-around nice guy and the person I thank for introducing me to Arkham Horror!